BCC Mail Manager Full Service™ is designed to meet the needs of premier-level mailers. It provides high volume operations with the requirements they need and the maximum flexibility they want in a powerful, all-in-one solution. It includes the Integratec API Platform to integrate it with your design and print solutions.

The foundation of BCC Mail Manager Full Service is BCC Software’s BCC Mail Manager. This core mailing software technology has been long respected for its intuitive flexibility and remarkable ease of use across the widest variety of mailing applications.

It’s an ever-evolving USPS® CASS/PAVE™ certified platform, coupled with BCC Software’s unlimited best-in-class customer support. BCC Mail Manager has earned the confidence of a generation of professional mailers. Now, BCC Mail Manager Full Service takes this effective software an important step further.

You can maximize your revenue with BCC Mail Manager Full Service and handle high volume workloads. Included in BCC Mail Manager Full Service as standard mailing features is a comprehensive array of mailing innovations—from deluxe automation capabilities that enable true 24/7 unattended processing of specified tasks or complete mailing jobs, to full palletization support (including First-Class™ pallet functionality), enhanced merge/purge features, and much more.

These capabilities are further augmented by a proprietary address-matching API that goes beyond CASS™ certification and delivers processing speeds many times faster than the industry-standard address matching engines.

And BCC Mail Manager Full Service includes the Integratec API Platform to integrate it with your design and print solutions.

What Is The Integratec API Platform?

The Integratec™ API Platform in BCC Mail Manager Full Service offers full presort capabilities fully integrated with your business’ existing design and printing solutions to streamline mailing workflows.

Integratec’s three-module toolkit includes:

1. ESSENTIALS: The foundation of the toolkit, this module handles basic functionality such as data import/export, data modification, and indexing.

2. PRESORT: The money-saving module, Presort handles all presort capabilities, including ordering of records, rate qualifications, and groupings.

3. REPORTING: Gain insights and time with this module, which delivers documentation and labels required to finalize your presort and induct mail into the USPS mail stream.

Here’s a quote from Mail House Customer who uses Integratec:

Integratec lives up to BCC Software’s reputation for flexible, high quality solutions backed by outstanding support. I’ve already seen the potential for impressive time savings in my operation and am looking forward to fully realizing all the benefits of the Integratec platform.
– Paul Naylor, CFO of Salt Lake Mailing & Printing

Source: https://bccsoftware.com/software/mail-manager-suite/bcc-mail-manager-full-service/


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