Outsourcing IT

If you own or manage a company and are considering outsourcing your IT services, you’re on your way to markedly reduced expenditures and greatly improved cybersecurity and technology.

Still wondering about the benefits of outsourcing IT? Not sure how to go about hiring a managed IT service provider?

We’ve got you covered. Let’s start with what IT services are and why you need them.

What are IT services?

When it comes to virtually any type of business in the world, technology is a critical part of operations.

First, you must be online with a top-quality website and a consistent social media presence. Next, you need technology for your employees and daily operations: computers, printers, copiers, adequate data storage and backup, unique software programs, and more. Finally, everything must be protected with excellent cybersecurity.

All of these things encompass your business’s IT services or information technology services.

Why should you outsource IT?

Most businessmen and women start their businesses with the mind that they can do anything they set their mind to.

While this is an excellent mentality to have and provides the necessary motivation to start a booming business, it’s also important to know when to ask for help. Nowhere is this more pertinent than with information technology, or IT.

Unless you are specifically in the business of providing information technology yourself, this means you’ll have to have a strong team of IT specialists on your side.

In-house IT departments are generally only a viable option for expansive businesses who will have enough work for the IT staff to do on a daily basis. Therefore, the better solution for most companies is to hire a managed service provider or MSP.

These companies provide all different levels of IT support to their customers (businesses and organizations like yours). Their main goals are to make your life easier and to help your business grow and thrive.

What are the benefits of outsourcing IT?

1. You’ll have access to the best talent pool and technology.

Professional IT companies handle technology all day. All specialists working at MSPs are trained in their specific area of tech, and they stay updated on the latest in cybersecurity, technological hardware and software advances, updates to data cabling practices, and more. Moreover, whenever you need updated software or hardware, MSPs know the most effective and affordable options.

2. You can choose your level of service.

Most MSPs offer different tiers of service. You choose your level of service and pay a flat, monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee for them to provide whatever services are in that tier. Sometimes, businesses simply hire MSPs to be “on-call” when they need them. MSPs cater to you.

Because of this, you can basically pay for exactly what your business needs. If you own a large business and constantly need IT service assistance, choose a more hands-on level of service. If you only occasionally need help with an IT problem and generally just need someone to help you hook up new computers, networks, or equipment from time to time, choose a lower tier of service. You can also change levels of service, based on your changing needs.

3. You’ll reduce costs across the board.

MSPs only work when you need them, so you’re paying for what you need and not for downtime.

It can be expensive to hire, train, and consistently employ an in-house IT team. Moreover, in small and mid-sized businesses, these staff members generally have a lot of downtime. Hiring an MSP makes more fiscal sense in the long run, and you’ll undoubtedly get better service.

4. You won’t have to micro-manage an IT team.

MSPs take care of you; that’s their job. Unfortunately, in many cases involving an in-house IT department, it’s the manager or director who is taking care of the tech team and micro-managing their day-to-day tasks. This leaves little time to actually run the business.

The whole point of hiring an MSP is to lessen your workload and anxiety. You should be able to hand over the “tech reigns” to an MSP and let them keep your business in a continuous flow of utility, without hitch or interruption. This is what they’re trained to do without your involvement.

5. You’ll improve your compliance.

Meeting compliance is a major pain point in many industries. Government rules and other regulations are complicated and always changing. An MSP can take on this burden for you and set you up with the software you’ll need for perfect compliance and greatly improved risk management.

6. You can stop worrying about security risks.

A large part of an MSP’s role is to be aware of current cybersecurity threats. With many businesses and organizations, personal and private data is being stored. In the event of a security breach, this data could be stolen, destroyed, held for ransom, or otherwise tampered with.

If it is employee data, a breach like this could mean loss of faith in the company and even lawsuits. The same goes for loss of client and customer data — or patient data in the case of health care providers. In these situations, whole businesses can collapse.

Fortunately, cybersecurity is best handled by professional MSPs. These experts know the current strategies hackers are using to obtain login information and sensitive data. They will construct a thick barrier between you and any potential threats. Moreover, they’ll be monitoring your security 24/7, so if something does happen, they can nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

Should you simply manage IT yourself?

We don’t recommend that. Again, entrepreneurs and leaders in business are unique creatures in that they genuinely feel that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. We’ve already covered why this is absolutely excellent for getting great business ideas, bringing them to fruition, and creating businesses that thrive and grow. But at certain times, it is critical that you release the mentality that you should handle it all.

As an owner or manager, you simply don’t have time, and your talents and abilities should be put to better use than managing IT. While we will assert time and again that information technology is absolutely essential to your business, it is crucial that you find the best-managed service provider to assist you in handling your IT. Do what you’re best at and leave the IT to MSPs.

How do you find an IT services company?

There are high-end, professional managed service providers all over the nation, so simply search for MSPs in your area. Many urban areas will have a long list of MSPs, but they’ll cover a big swath of rural towns in their service area. Once you find a few MSPs that you like the look of, set up appointments with each one to find an MSP that meets your unique needs.

Author: Aaron White, Date: 8th February 2019


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