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HIPAA Compliance Officer Job Description

Below, I’ve listed the key responsibilities I’m expected to maintain.
  • To routinely monitor state and federal HIPAA regulations. And, as new regulatory requirements are introduced, to proactively modify an organization’s HIPAA Compliance Program and accommodate all changes.
  • To implement changes to an organization’s compliance program as required, and communicate them to all departments. A HIPAA Compliance Officer maintains a current working knowledge of applicable regulatory guidelines, and must act as a resource for compliance concerns raised throughout the organization. They must coordinate with the appropriate departments to design and analyze the impact of any process changes required by HIPAA regulations.
  • To demonstrate a thorough knowledge of applicable privacy and security solutions to develop a comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Program. The HIPAA Compliance Officer monitors and documents progress towards the successful and timely implementation of an organization’s compliance program.
  • To create a system to monitor the status of an organization’s HIPAA compliance, set priorities for the compliance program, and review the documented status of prior implementations in affected departments.
  • To develop training materials and courses to help employees understand new HIPAA regulations and how they will impact their organizational duties.

As you can see there are many responsibilities and duties I’m responsible for as your HIPAA Compliance Officer. I’m very fortunate to have a team of skilled HIPAA IT experts at eSOZO who thoroughly understand every aspect of HIPAA. Together we’ll ensure your healthcare organization reaches compliance and maintains it at all times.

A compliance officer’s job can be complicated and cumbersome. Why trust any IT firm to take on this responsibility? You need the team at eSOZO, a HIPAA-compliant IT organization servicing the needs of healthcare organizations in NY, NJ and PA.

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