Think your company is too small for a full-time network manager/help desk/general fixer/IT manager/CIO?

Is one guy/gal trying to do all of these things themselves every day? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Most of today’s small- and medium-sized companies are in the same boat when the same busy person, or people, are responsible for everything. From creating and monitoring security policies, to running wires, to fixing stuck printers, to securing domains, to sometimes even developing and designing sites, it can be overwhelming.

We specialize in Making IT Easy® which includes taking a lot of the burden off your team’s shoulders and being a technical advisor as your company grows.

We don’t call it support – that’s too simple! What eSOZO offers are service solutions, including hardware, software, security, cloud management and much more.

This quick snapshot shows how we can help manage your services:

  • Integrated Help Desk. Our Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) allows us to help you monitor and troubleshoot IT requests through your organization. This can include alerts, software and hardware tracking, patch management and around-the-clock coverage, plus simple management of service tickets. This improves everyone’s responsiveness and provides expert advice.
  • Desktop Managed Support. In addition to company-wide remote tech support, we offer monitoring, maintenance, and remote access capabilities for any workstation. This includes a traditional desktop to a laptop to even tablets.
  • Server care. We’re familiar with all forms of servers and are happy to monitor them during the day and the night, and maintain them if there are any problems. This frees up your IT team to not have to ‘babysit’ a server around the clock.
  • Cloud security and support. Businesses are exploring the potential of moving their data and their activity into data clouds. While it can improve efficiency and storage, it also creates new security and access concerns. We work to monitor all possible vulnerabilities, including password management and malware intrusion.

We also offer “out-of-scope” assistance which is a formal way of saying “we’ll help you with anything and everything you need related to technology to be successful.” Think of us as your guide into the world of information services – we want to help you with the right technical tools for today and tomorrow.

Because eSOZO has been providing managed technology solutions for more than a decade, we are able to offer unparalleled advice. Our strategic partnerships allow us more flexibility in services and locations.

Is your business in need of a knowledgeable and reliable IT solutions partner that offers more than just technical support? Contact us today at, (888) 376-9648 or Click Here to start your Network Security Survey


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