The health care industry sometimes sees technology as a mixed blessing.

There are amazing new tools that can help patients in new ways and allow doctors to be more efficient.

At the same time, both groups are increasingly concerned about the security of everyone’s medical information in a very digital world.

In fact, many providers have said that a big reason that they haven’t fully embraced useful online features like cloud storage, is they’re not quite sure how safe it is for their patient information.

They’re not just being cautious: failure to protect this electronic data (EHR) can result in unpleasant audits and possible big fines. But more importantly, security problems can hurt the vital trust patients place in their doctors.

To help providers improve their efficiency, and give them peace of mind about how they secure private data, eSOZO now offers a set of tools especially designed for smaller health care businesses.

Our HIPAA Risk Analysis & Management Plan helps recognize and create best privacy practices for how your whole team operates.

This includes:

  • Learning how you gather, store and access confidential patient information.
  • Working with you and your team to come up with a sensible management plan and general strategies to minimize risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Scanning your network for weak points and areas of compliance.
  • Offering our findings about what has been done correctly and is working well, plus recommendations for what areas you can and should improve.

Having an up-to-date Risk Analysis will be an asset to show patients how seriously you take their security. It also can be useful to show auditors or anyone inquiring about your best practices.

Our Network Administrators are eager to help you get started protecting your data and protecting your business. HIPAA has required major changes to many company’s policies and procedures. Trying to comply can be confusing if you don’t have expert guidance. Let us know how we can help!

eSOZO can help your organization tackle HIPAA compliance and security concerns head on. Contact us today at or (888) 376-9648 to find out more. We’re the IT support experts local businesses trust.


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