Intelligent threat detection combined with hands-on, expert security analysis.

No one likes the idea that their business is a likely target of cybercrime. Unfortunately, your business is more likely to be targeted by organized crime using computers than it is to be vandalized by petty criminals.

eSOZO is the trusted, first line of defense for companies just like yours across the region.

When a threat presents itself, the more quickly it can be addressed, the better – and safer – you are. eSOZO Cloud Security is a faster, smarter, network security solution and is provided as an affordable, scalable service.

  • Pay a simple monthly fee based on number of endpoints
  • Take advantage of enterprise-level security
  • Relax – no up-front investment or resource requirements

Our cloud-based security solution will:

  • Detect threats to your system in real-time
  • Deploy simply and easily as a virtual device on your network
  • Scan wide-spectrum for security threats
  • Identify the cause, threat level, and recommended solution
  • Send threat to be reviewed by a real, human Security Operations Specialist

Thoroughly researched and field-tested security protocols and correlation rules allow us to detect:

  • Installed viruses, worms, adware, and malware
  • Malicious attacks, botnet activity, and espionage
  • Unauthorized login attempts
  • Monitor for abnormalities in web server, database, accounts, and passwords

Looking for more information about the strong security solutions eSOZO can offer your organization? Contact us today at, (888) 376-9648 or Click Here to take our Security Assessment 


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