Is Your Business Prepared for the Unexpected?

Any business can be affected by circumstances that limit or completely shut off access to the data and applications necessary to keep that company running and profitable. If plans are not made ahead of unexpected events such as fire, flood, human error, and criminal activity the results for the business can be catastrophic.

Having the right BCDR plan in place for your business is essential to the long-term health and survival of your company.

One recent study found that an overwhelming majority (93%) of companies filed bankruptcy after losing their information centers for ten or more days (Source: National Archive and Records Administration).

eSOZO Computer and Network Services can support every aspect of your BCDR plan.

  • Design infrastructure and network architecture
  • Implement data backups and virtualization strategies
  • Manage routine backups and replication jobs
  • Restore data and applications in the event of an unexpected event causing data-loss downtime


Companies experiencing a major loss of business data*

51% – Closed within two years

6% – Survived long-term

43% – Never reopened

* IBM, 2011

Because every company is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to BCDR planning. eSOZO Computer and Network Services experts will lead you through the process of working through the particular requirements of your business and what it will take to care for your priorities.

What makes up a solid BCDR plan? Some of the elements our team uses to protect your business from unforeseen circumstances are:

  • Local Data Backup
  • Off-site Data Replication
  • Cloud Backup and Recovery
  • Redundant Virtual Servers

We Partner With Veeam To Enable Your Always-On Business

Through our partnership with Veeam we are able to give you the advantages of:

  • High-Speed Recovery – Rapid recovery of what you want – the way you want it – featuring recovery time objectives of less than 15 minutes.
  • Data Loss Avoidance – Streamlines the disaster recovery process by backing up data frequently so you don’t lose any more than 15 minutes of your work if something goes wrong with your system.
  • Verified Recoverability – Guaranteed recovery of every file, application, or virtual server. Reliable restoration when needed, ensuring that your business can continue through challenging circumstances.
  • Leveraged Data – Using backup data and storage snapshots to create an exact virtual copy of your production environment, you can test proposed business and process changes to see how your on-site IT environment would react to those changes if you choose to enact them.
  • Complete Visibility – Built-in monitoring and alerting tools enable you to discover and be alerted to issues in your IT environment before they have a significant impact. In addition this feature gives your team complete visibility of your Veeam backup.

Veeam is the best on the market and we are thrilled with the flexibility of BCDR solutions that we can offer our clients through Veeam.

We will help discover and implement the BCDR solutions that work best for your business and your budget.

Contact our business technology team today at (888) 376-9648 or for more information.


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