We believe smart IT consulting goes beyond simply suggesting what programs or machines you should buy, and making sure everything works as it’s supposed to.

Although effective hardware and software support are important to the overall efficiency and productivity of your organization, some recommendations need to be discussed at other levels.   This may include convincing higher level managers of the importance of investing in technology for the short term and the long term.

That’s why eSOZO’s consultants can offer expertise at all levels of your company’s organization chart; from helping the help desk be more organized and automated, to providing professional advice and smart, modern strategies to the upper management levels.

  • Showing only a big price tag for recommended hardware and software for the next budget cycle is enough to get shown the door in a hurry. But the info can be much easier to digest if the consultant can provide proper context and break down the costs to appeal to budget-focused individuals. In some cases, costs may increase the longer a company puts off making decisions to upgrade.
  • Decision-makers love data, the more raw the better. So our consultants find it important to gather and present historical trends, internal and external IT information, and other numbers and figures to satisfy analytical decision makers.
  • Future meetings. We’re happy to recheck in with your organization to continually assess your ongoing technical needs. This can be as needed or even scheduled on a quarterly basis.
  • Points of contact. IT people may do a lot for the organization on a day-to-day basis, but they may not be authorized to make policy or purchasing decisions. As a strategic IT consultant, our job is to find the right people, or person, to establish relationships with. The more they become familiar with eSOZO and what we can offer your organization, the more they will be willing to discuss making it happen.

The top of your organization is where the big policy and spending decisions are ultimately made.The decision makers always need more info about possible impacts. With guidance from eSOZO’s strategic IT consultants, they’ll receive information about industry trends and possible technical solutions.

Let’s help you get started! Call eSOZO Computer and Network Services at (888) 376-9648 or send an email to info@esozo.com.


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