Switching IT Providers Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Businesses sometimes need to switch IT providers. And each has their own reason for doing so. Perhaps you want to switch due to lack of service from your current provider, or because your business has outgrown what they can offer. Changing IT service companies can be disruptive in the short term, but once everything is in place, your technology will be in better shape than it was before.

How Do We Make Switching Easy?

We make it easy to switch by talking with your stakeholders, and assuaging doubts and fears among your departments while learning about your business operations.

The trick is knowing what questions to ask and to make sure that you’re prepared for the transition with a plan for:

  • A 99% customer-retention rate.
  • Compliance with current and new regulations.
  • User training.
  • Structured onboarding.
  • A cost-neutral Switch Plan.
  • A payment portal with ACH.

What Can You Do To Make Switching IT Providers Easy?

5 Steps To Take:


1.   Acquire All IT Documentation.

Having your network map before you switch ensures that we know how your files are organized. Having a list of login accounts, usernames and passwords will make your file transition go smoothly.

2. Remain In Control.

Make sure you have full control over your files from your previous provider. Many IT companies love having high levels of jurisdiction over their clients’ networks. This allows them to switch passwords and lock you out of your data. Of course, not all IT companies do this, but you must ensure that you won’t be “held for ransom” when you want to retrieve your file. If this happens at the last minute, it can create delays that you don’t need.

3.  Back Up Your Files.

Having a duplicate backup is very important when moving files and transitioning. If the previous scenario takes place, and your old IT support company won’t release your documents and files, they’ll be readily available from your backup. Having more than one backup is important when moving information from one place to another. This provides the peace of mind you need knowing that your critical IT is always available.

4. Set Aside a Transition Time.

It’s important to set aside a transition phase to help you switch. Your old IT support company may not be happy about losing your business, and they may require that you pay an additional fee before you switch. This gives you the time you need to get your IT running as it should before the changeover.

5.  Plan For a Testing Phase.

We’ll work with you to test your network, printers, computers and backups to make sure everything is working correctly before you switch over to them. When you’re ready to pull the plug on the old network, your new one will work without worries about downtime.

Our on-boarding team eliminates worries. They’re prepared to answer your staff’s questions and address any concerns about switching.

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