One size really doesn’t fit all business anymore.

Yes, there are small, medium and large businesses out there, but these are more determined based on head count and the size of revenue. Each business out there is unique as far as the size of its operation, its overall culture, and the scale of its growth, or lack of it.

So technology products and services that claim to be universally “for everyone” may not necessarily be the best fit for absolutely everyone all the time. Certain industries have unique data needs and security concerns that may differ greatly from others. We want to offer you and your organization the best solutions for not just your industry but your specific company.

Here are some examples of types of clients we like to work with:

  • Healthcare. The office full of color-coded patient files dating back decades is always going to be a given. But medical providers can also benefit from secure cloud storage. Authorized individuals can upload and download data quickly, which can literally put any information at their fingertips, or at least their desktops and mobile devices. Providers and medical centers can also keep patient data confidential as required by law, but still communicate information quickly and easily with others who can help them achieve better patient outcomes.
  • Manufacturing. Integrated solutions can offer access to all aspects of an operation, from basic inventory to orders received and completed. We can also offer recommendations on the right hardware and software so everyone can do their jobs better and faster. Our consultants can look for efficient connectivity solutions whether you do everything in-house or have multiple branches or a team of contractors.
  • Professional services. Our “Virtual CIO” service can bring in current expertise to small or medium businesses that may need advice in staying current and maximizing resources. This can be everything from infrastructure to cloud technology to network security. We pride ourselves on looking ahead to future technology trends, and also making sure we’re responsive as your company grows and succeeds.

We’re excited to develop relationships with new clients anywhere in the world in these and other industries. We also want to be part of your team anytime you need technical advice.


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