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The Urgent Need for the Smart Use of Smartphones in Healthcare

10 Steps Healthcare Facilities Should Take to Ensure the Security of ePHI When Employees Use Smartphones It’s estimated that 74 percent of hospital workers use tablets or other mobile devices to collect and share information about patients.1 And although smartphones and other mobile devices can provide many benefits in the healthcare setting, using them also presents a […]

Can Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Improve Compliance?

In this age of information, it’s challenging to maintain compliance with so much data stored on many different devices. Most companies these days have remote workers, employees in various departments, third-party vendors, management, employees working in other countries, and more. These people have laptops at home and at work, smartphones, and tablet computers. All this […]

The Latest Expansions To Microsoft Office 365 Will WOW You!

The wildly popular subscription-based Microsoft Office 365 offers an ever-expanding application gallery. The latest additions to the line-up are sure to excite professional users. The professional landscape today appears quite different from photos of workspaces and desktops 30 years ago. For one, shoulder pads are no longer as common! At one point, smoking and the […]

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