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What “Your Tech Team” Needs to Become HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliance is the most important standard for organizations in the medical field. Learn how eSOZO can help “your tech team” navigate the regulations. Healthcare organizations throughout the country understand the consequences of violating HIPAA compliance, but how can you ensure that your technology team fully understands the requirements and won’t inadvertently cause you to […]

Amazon’s New Deal Will Change Your Food Buying Experience Forever

Amazon has decided to dabble into the grocery industry with its purchase of Whole Foods. For those in the groceries business, Amazon is about to become your biggest worry. recently purchased Whole Foods in a deal worth $13.7 billion. This has essentially made one of the most important players in the grocery market […]

Understand the GDPR Compliance Requirements

GDPR regulations for Europe go into effect very soon, but is your organization ready for the rigor required by these standards? Recent cyber attacks have technology leaders throughout the world reviewing their security requirements, but the European Union is already a step ahead. Their upcoming GDPR, or General Data Protection Requirement, defines data security and […]

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