If you provide services to clients, they don’t necessarily care about the reasons when something goes wrong on your end. They just want it fixed — and they want it fixed right away!

Good communication can help alert users when there are larger system-wide emergencies, such as server problems or security breaches. The better position to be in,  however,  is to anticipate and prevent these from happening so your end-users won’t notice a single bump.

eSOZO’s consultants also offer professional-level IT services to help your IT infrastructure stay stable. Or, if there are problems, they’ll be on hand to help get everything back online in a hurry. This minimizes client dissatisfaction and potential data loss.

Our Professional services include:

  • Computer upgrades – We’ll assess your network and make suggestions as to what hardware and industry-specific software, and even network solutions, could work better especially as your company continues to grow. You may also benefit from other options that can save time and resources, such as equipping more of your team with secure mobile devices instead of more desktops.
  • Security solutions – With 24-7 monitoring, your servers and other operations will receive an extra set of eyes for possible breaches and other threats. Our security analysts can also help look for weak points and give suggestions to make your data – and your customer data – remain secure whether it’s kept in-house or in the data cloud.
  • Better back-ups – In the event data is lost, either on your end or the client end, the worst thing you can say is “sorry, I guess it’s gone forever.” eSOZO can help you structure an effective archive so items are scheduled for storage on a regular basis but easy to retrieve for internal or external needs. We can also assist in creating multiple locations for data so nothing is ever lost.
  • Office 365 – This is one of the most common and collaborative tools out there, and we can show you how to use it to benefit your organization and clients.

Your clients depend on you to make sure your infrastructure remains in top shape. This is where eSOZO can come in. In addition to expertise in IT solutions at all levels of an organization, we can also help save time and hassle from trying to solve preventable emergencies.

Let us know how we can help, contact eSOZO Computer and Network Services at (888) 376-9648 or send an email to info@esozo.com.


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