Small Businesses Across NJ Are Looking For New Ways To Save Money.  Cloud Solutions, Cloud Hosting & Cloud Computing Provided Right Here In NJ By eSOZO Offers Secure, Reliable & Trustworthy Cloud Technologies For Today’s Growing Companies.

Have burning questions about cloud computing, cloud services, cloud hosting or even what is “The Cloud”?

Well, you are in the right place to get all the answers you need about how “The Cloud” can help your NJ business cut costs, improve staff morale, boost productivity and in the end…grow your company.  No more messing around here.

It is time to learn more about investing in eSOZO Cloud Services!

Today’s small to mid-size businesses are leveraging the power, flexibility, and scalability of the cloud to take advantage of benefits that used to be only accessible by large enterprises.

You already know that the cloud offers a lot more than simple data storage. You use the cloud every day for your banking, social media, file sharing, and accessing your favorite pictures and music. Business applications of the cloud can be just as simple and convenient.

  • File Storage
  • Hosted Email
  • Dedicated Cloud Servers
  • Hosted Custom Applications

Why move to the cloud & why trust eSOZO your cloud computing company in NJ?

  • Get away from large capital expenditures for hardware and software
  • Enable remote work, traveling employees, and work from home employees
  • End reliance on single point of failure in-house systems
  • Protect the business from the interruptions of power outages, storms, and service failures

Which cloud hosting configuration will work best for your business?

eSOZO offers our customers the best in customized cloud services and many different types of cloud configurations!

  • Custom Cloud Solutions – Our eSOZO Computer and Network Services cloud professionals will take the time to get to know your business and tailor a cloud implementation that meets your specific needs.
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions – For those that want the flexibility and scalability of public cloud configurations but have security or compliance needs that require some private cloud infrastructure, we are pleased to offer custom hybrid cloud solutions to meet any unique requirements.
  • Multi-Regional Data Centers – We have the capability of replicating data in our multi-regional data centers to protect your vital files from local disasters and on-site equipment failures.
  • Hosted Services – eSOZO’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) options can streamline your business and significantly reduce your IT expenses.
    • Virtual Hardware
    • Servers
    • Data Storage
    • Communication Tools
    • Collaboration Tools

eSOZO’s consultants are happy to help you learn all about the cloud, whether you’re new or looking for some advanced strategies to fine-tune your efforts.

Leverage the power of the cloud for your competitive edge! Contact eSOZO Computer and Network Services today at (888) 376-9648 or to speak with one of our cloud business consultants.


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