9 Reasons Why You Need 24/7 Cyber-threat Monitoring Services…

Compiled from data from the 2015 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, below are a number of statistics that portray the ever-increasing threat facing small and mid-sized businesses nationwide. From local NJ businesses to global enterprises, the risks are real.

Reason 1: 76% Of Web Sites Have Exploitable Vulnerabilities

This means that there may be easy access for hackers, malware, or other internet threats right through your website. Think of it this way – in a neighborhood where you know there have been a significant amount of burglaries, would you be alarmed if 76% of people left their home unsecured?

Cyber-threat monitoring is like having an alarm system on your home in a dangerous neighborhood, where someone is always watching for intruders.


Reason 2: 496,657 Web Attacks Blocked per Day

With over 5 attacks blocked every second, we know that there is a significant theat. In the 5 minutes it takes you to read this article, there will be an estimated 1500 web attacks blocked. And what’s worse is that many attacks will go unnoticed because there is nobody watching.


Reason 3: 317M New Malware Variants, Yearly

That’s almost a million new variants of malware every day. Since this is impossible for a small business to keep up with on their own, and difficult even for high-end security software, active monitoring of your network is the best defense.

Reason 4: 113% Increase in Ransomware Attacks YoY

% Increase

113 %
Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents a user from using or accessing their system, and/or holds data hostage. Users are then forced to pay a ransom in order to regain access to their system or data. If it is not paid, the data may be permanently held hostage or destroyed. This is a fast rising trend and can significantly jeopardize significant amounts of data for you or your clients – and cost a significant amount of money!


Reason 5: 1.9M Malicious Web Robots

The sheer number of web robots is enough to make any business owner’s skin crawl. These robots are being specifically targeted by the FBI and are decreasing in number, but even the FBI is unable to eliminate the threat.

Reason 6: 33% of Malware is Virtual Machine Aware

Virtual machines are used by security professionals as a testing ground when new viruses are found, in order to see what the virus does and how to best combat it. Malware that is “virtual machine aware” essentially turns itself off in the virtual machine to stop analysts from seeing how it operates. This means that malware is growing more sophisticated and is more difficult to detect without someone intentionally watching with a close eye.

Reason 7: 60% of Attacks Striking Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Large corporations get all the attention, but make up the minority of attacks. Small and mid-sized businesses are more likely to be targeted – and less likely to have proper security. Unfortunately, most small businesses are unaware of the risks they face every day.


Reason 8: An Average Exploit is Active 295 Days Before Patches Are Available

That’s almost a full year of having a hole in a system before it can be fixed. In essence, your network may be like a leaky boat that can’t be plugged for nearly 300 days – and since no one is inspecting the boat, it’s sinking without anyone even noticing that the hole exists.


Reason 9: 23% Increase in Security Breaches, YoY

Security breaches aren’t a thing of the past. They’re growing every year and threatening businesses globally. As the threats increase, so should your layers of defense. It’s the reality of doing business in the 21st century.

The numbers and types of attacks to the average small business have moved cyber-security from “good to have” to “essential.”

That’s why eSOZO has developed our eSOZO Cloud Security Solution. Our Cloud Security is a faster, smarter solution designed to present enterprise-level security at a cost that the average small to mid-sized business can afford.

eSOZO Cloud Security is a combination of sophisticated technology that detects threats to your systems’ security in real-time and human Security Operations specialists to further analyze the threats and take action to eliminate threats quickly and efficiently. Read more about eSOZO Cloud Security.

Author: Aaron White, Date: 21st December 2015


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