New Jersey IT SupportWhen Allen Flavors required IT that could keep up with the increasing demands of their business, they connected with eSOZO Computer & Network Services. eSOZO provided them with immediate, effective solutions and ongoing service to support the needs of their growing company.

Allen Flavors is a beverage development and ingredient supplier for thousands of beverage brands around the world. Allen Flavors’ Bruce Weber believes their IT systems are the life blood of their company. Weber explains “Our system integrates every aspect of our business activities from accounting to shipping, customer service, quality control, formula development, regulatory, manufacturing, inventory control, scheduling, sales, human relations, even certain facility functions and controls.  We do all this in multiple locations.” 

Allen Flavors’ business was increasing at such a rapid rate that it became apparent their existing in-house IT resources could not keep up. Weber states “Over the last few years our business has grown so quickly that we could not focus on the fast pace of food trends, the regulatory environment, and new technology all at once. We needed a partner to keep our systems growing as fast as we were.” Allen Flavors met with eSOZO to discuss their situation and expanding IT needs. Allen Flavors believed eSOZO was the right team for them and shortly after they were in business.

A need for comprehensive IT service and strategies to support company growth

Allen Flavors was in need of complete IT support. They had multiple sites, as well as specific and industry software throughout their business. eSOZO was able to step into an urgent situation and resolve Allen Flavors’ concerns quickly and efficiently. eSOZO virtualized all Allen Flavors’ servers. They condensed the physical servers from 8 machines into 2 virtual hosts. eSOZO also showed Allen Flavors the value in continuing with their services over having internal IT. They currently provide dedicated on-site IT resources to Allen Flavors every day.

Weber confirms it was a wise decision to select eSOZO, as they have been able to promptly address any urgent IT situations that have occurred. “During the infamous hurricanes in NJ we were out of power in one location so we had to move operations (basically our main servers) to our other location. We did that in less than two hours thanks to the hardware that was suggested by the eSOZO team.”

Partnering with eSOZO for trusted IT service and client-focused solutions

Allen Flavors now has an IT structure that allows for growth. In addition, eSOZO keeps Allen Flavors updated on what they need to remain current and ready for the future. “We spend time each year looking at all aspects of our business and our costs. We evaluate where we can reduce costs and/or improve quality, or increase the reliability of our systems and services and we remain with eSOZO.” eSOZO continues their relationship with Allen Flavors and provides them with services such as:

  • On-site support 5 days a week
  • Helpdesk
  • Server support
  • Support with vendors for other systems
  • Data backup

Allen Flavors is pleased with the service they have received from eSOZO. According to Weber, eSOZO offers good service and a positive relationship. “Everyone we’ve worked with over there has been great.” Weber says “We brought eSOZO on board because of their people.” He continues “We were looking for value and also for a group we could trust and who we felt would give us their attention when needed.  We have been with eSOZO for about 7 years and we have never been disappointed with their service.”

eSOZO’s goal is to be their client’s full-fledged technological advisor, ensuring that their IT infrastructure is robust enough to support their business’s needs at all times and under all circumstances. eSOZO works to keep growing businesses running smoothly and efficiently. To learn more about what eSOZO can do for your organization, contact us today on (888) 376-9648 or send us an email at

Author: Aaron White, Date: 22nd September 2016


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