Approved Fire Protection, based in South Plainfield, is a life and safety products sales and service company that’s been serving New Jersey businesses for over 80 years.

New Jersey IT Services

Approved Fire Protection sells, install, and services a wide range of fire protection and suppression products—From fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems to turnout gear and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). They also provide training on SCBAs, respiratory protection, gas detection in confined spaces, and OSHA training on their products.

With a customer base of more than 12,000 ranging from small, local businesses to clients like the Newark International Airport, the ability to respond quickly to requests is essential. With their sales team working remotely, and their service technicians relying on mobile devices, having the support they need out in the field is critical.

Diane M. Pein, President of Approved Fire Protection explains:

“At first, we contacted eSOZO because they were in our vicinity. Initially, we simply liked their technicians and the easy access they provided.  Once we realized that eSOZO provided the fast, reliable, and knowledgeable technology services we needed, we knew they could be our go-to IT Partner.”

The Problem

Approved Fire Protection is expected to supply services to their customers on an emergent basis. They were growing quickly and discovered their IT wasn’t capable of supporting their email, file-server and other technology needs. They knew they required the assistance of a quality IT Partner to provide immediate and ongoing help.

Ms. Pein continues:

“Because our customers need us most when emergencies hit, our IT system must stay up and running, and at peak performance at all times. Having recently made the transition to paperless, it’s become more critical than ever to ensure our data is being saved and stored correctly. Plus, we must have the ability to prepare and send proposals, service tickets, and invoices quickly via Internet vehicles like email, fax, and our website portal, to provide the quality and expeditious assistance our clients expect.”

The Solution

The team at eSOZO did an assessment of their IT needs. With the data we gathered, we decided to remediate their issues with a Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange/File Service. Additionally, with Cloud Service Hosting and Fully Managed IT Services we were able to meet both their emergent and ongoing IT needs.

In addition to day-to-day support, we’ve helped Approved Fire Protection adopt a new and innovative accounting program that covers the company as a whole, and captures better, more accurate sales reporting.


The Approved Fire Protection team is made up of 52 employees, and is looking to keep growing. As their team expands, more laptops and devices will be added to their infrastructure—And, as we have been for the past decade, eSOZO with be there to bring everything online, and keep their vital technology running smoothly.

Ms. Pein has been very pleased with our services over the years:

“The team at eSOZO provides the fast and efficient remote support we require, offering solutions for every issue, including our backup system that’s an integral part of our business. We highly recommend their services!”

The team at eSOZO is fortunate to have enjoyed such a long and successful partnership with Approved Fire Protection—And we’re grateful for their continued trust in our team. We look forward to serving them in the next decade and beyond.

We would like to do the same for your business. Looking for the BEST IT Partner in Plainfield, NJ and surrounding areas?  We invite you to contact us at or (888) 376-9648 for a Complimentary IT Assessment.

Author: Aaron White, Date: 13th June 2017


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