What Is Ordant?

Ordant is a cloud-based Print MIS software designed for print companies and sign shops. It helps you calculate the exact cost of your custom print estimates and simplify order management.

Ordant is an advanced print estimating tool and order management solution, with an integrated Web-to-Print storefront. This online tool is designed to save you time by reducing the need for re-entry from one software to another, and as a result, it will maximize the efficiency and profitability of your company.

What Features Are Included In Ordant?

Ordant does it all; Print Estimating, Order Management, Storefronts, Proofing, Purchase Orders and Invoicing. It lets you oversee your resources without getting in the way of day-to-day production.

Ordant is engineered to be simple yet provide comprehensive information on all types of data. Its price estimating software includes a management information system that’s easy for even inexperienced employees to learn and use.

You can access your records is instant. In addition to creating precise price estimates, you can keep tabs on sales leads, track orders in progress, compile lists of client and prospects, and track shipments and payments.

Ordant integrates with QuickBooks, UPS , FedEx and other programs you use for effortless invoicing and shipping. You can also customize it for the way your shop does business including assigning costs and managing materials – and it’s designed to adapt to your growing business.

Ordant’s Sign Shop Software

The many challenges of running a sign shop – managing employees, organizing time wisely, managing purchases, completing projects on time, maintaining high standards of creativity – can seem endless. But today, Ordant’s versatile sign shop software is available to help you handle all those issues, and more.

Ordant’s intuitive, easy-to-use and complete Sign Shop Software will help with all aspects of your sign shop management. It offers a readily-implemented software solution that can be customized to your company’s needs.

Ordant has built features into this software that were designed to simplify various sign shop operations, including:

  • An Advanced Price Estimator. Easily break down various pricing components on even the most complex projects.
  • Order Management. Quickly access all types of information regarding any individual order or dozens of orders at once.
  • Intuitive Navigation With Drag and Drop Functionality. Ordant enables employees to handle large projects more efficiently, increasing productivity and boosting profits.

Ordant’s Price Estimating

Ordant’s innovative price-estimating software gives today’s print businesses a powerful tool to get a handle on costs. It does away with “ballpark” price quotes, providing you with the ability to estimate prices on all types of jobs with much greater precision.

Providing reliable price estimates is valuable for both your print company and your customers. It allows you to more accurately determine all-important cash flow, even on a daily basis. Customers appreciate the ability to make informed decisions based on exact quotes for purchasing print services.

Setting up Ordant’s print company software is easy. It’s cloud-based, so nothing needs to be installed, and updates are automatic, minimizing downtime.

Ordant Connects To:

Why Else Should You Consider Using Ordant?

Ordant is a tool that you’ll rely on for making the critical long-term planning and spending decisions that keep your company competitive in the print or sign industry. And because it’s in the Cloud, there’s no software Installation required. You and your users can access information from anywhere on any device.

Source – Ordant.com

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