Today’s network cameras have caught up with analog camera specs and have surpassed them in performance.

Even better, network cameras use digitized video streams!

What does that mean for you?

It means that you can watch your security feed easily from any internet connected computer – anywhere in the world!

Check in on your business – even from vacation or the cottage – just by clicking a few buttons.

There are endless possibilities with this technology.

Take a look at the feature set network cameras offer!

  • Intelligent Video – recognize license plate numbers, count people, and track objects.
  • Audio Features – no separate audio lines and bidirectional functionality (allows you to talk to people and for them to talk to you).
  • Cost Savings – power and network camera control for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom carried over the same cabling as the video signal – saving you setup costs. Realize even more cost savings by using IP-based networks such as the Internet, LANs and various connection methods such as wireless.
  • Security – encrypted, secure communication and transfer of video feed.
  • Quality – image quality doesn’t degrade over distance.


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