As an IT company that operates in the mode of client satisfaction-over-grabbing revenue streams, we can imagine a kind of questionnaire for those searching for a computer support company in New Jersey. This questionnaire can and should consist of queries which provoke thought in your current IT services company in NJ — or, you can pose them to a prospective IT managed services provider.

Below, we have proposed a series of questions which should not only provoke thoughtful responses in your current or prospective IT services provider but which should serve to “separate the wheat from the chaff,” so to speak:

5 Questions for Your NJ IT Services Company:

  1. Would you call yourselves slow to innovate or do you get the jump on things with fast innovations? (You want an innovation-ready company over the alternative.)
  2. Are you trend-reactive or trend-proactive in your approach to new technology and its applications? (Do you stay ahead of the trends, or are you slowly reactive to them and adopting new technologies and their relevant applications?)
  3. Are you primarily a “churn-and-burn” type of IT service provider, or do you take time and careful attention to each client?
  4. Do you consider yourselves to be inherent business partners with your customers, or does your dedication stop at the basic service level?
  5. Are money and prestige your main drive, or do you believe those things come only with serving clients on the most custom-tailored level of dedication?

They’re pretty self-explanatory, but some insight may be given to these inquiries that may shine some light into some not-so-obvious corners of IT services operations. Posing these questions (or ones similar to them) to the companies that will prospectively be overseeing the health and management of your IT network is, we feel, imperative to weeding out the pretenders from the professionals.

These rather pointed types of questions not only provoke thought in the IT providers themselves but also, importantly, in you, the potential customer and recipient of services that are of such paramount importance to the survival of your business entity. One can’t really overstate the importance, actually, of being able to discern the relative newcomers from those fully-qualified to manage and watchdog the performance and productivity of the nerve center of your business operations.

Here’s another key question for IT services companies we borrowed from an Australian IT company (Rodin):

Is the provision of IT managed services your core business? (This is a good question to start with because it can reveal if you are talking to a digital imaging specialist, printer, or telephone system company who have recently branched out into IT. If they claim to focus on providing IT support, ask for client references that confirm how long they have provided IT support as a core service).
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Truly, making sure that IT management and service provision is the main area of their core competency or expertise is also paramount. If they hem and haw at all, saying something like, “Well…we were in the software business [or other related or business peripheral to IT] for years, but now our focus is on IT managed services,” it’ll take a lot more convincing that they “know their stuff,” generally.

In other words, they are latecomers to the IT services “game,” and they likely lack the collective expertise needed to qualify as an inherently reputable and trustworthy IT services company in NJ (or anywhere).

Sure, you may have your share of those who repurposed and redesigned their business model to be a managed services provider (MSP), from being, say, a small computer repair shop or data recovery specialist, etc., and you have a fair number of new outfits cobbled together from newly-certified software engineers, technicians, vendor management specialists, and the like.

Many IT service providers don’t treat planning and managing improvements as part of their “support” services, but a good IT services company understands that managing the evolution of their clients’ IT systems is a key part of ensuring that those systems are reliable and performing well 24/7/365. You’ll want to ask for details on how the provider would engage with you to plan for the growth of said systems as your business needs change over time.

We’re an IT Services Company NJ Businesses Can Rave About

But, then you have those who have walked their talk from the beginning, and who’ve built a strong client roster from the scratch of their hard work — not from clever ways to grab piecemeal business here and there, with no real loyalty generated. eSOZO counts itself among this type of seasoned and proven IT professionals serving New Jersey communities with the most reliable, reputable IT managed services available.

And, we’re the type who don’t have to go shouting about it too much or too loudly — we let our loyal client base and case studies do that, for the most part. Yes, we like to remind those searching for those who won’t fail them in the IT service department what to look for, and how to identify it and call it out.

Because New Jersey business owners can’t afford falling short of absolute scrutiny and discernment where concerns those who will wield so much power over the de facto CPUs of our business operations.

And, for those of you concerned with getting the topmost in IT/Network/Email security, our eSOZO Security as a Service program utilizes the cloud security Cisco products are known for giving you threat detection and analysis that elevates your “Security IQ” maximally. We can also supply you with the 24/7 support to back it up, should any anomalies occur.

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Author: Aaron White, Date: 4th January 2018


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