Preventing Data Breaches with Cloud Security

The overall numbers are staggering – nearly 605 million records have been compromised to-date in cyber security attacks and data breaches, despite many of the affected businesses taking genuine care to follow recognized security best practices.

Yet since the stories we hear about in the media are often large enterprises and international brands, many small and mid-sized businesses think that there is some safety in their relative obscurity. Think again.

Small and mid-sized businesses are in the center of the crosshairs for malicious cyber attacks.

  • The majority of cyber security attacks target SMB’s
  • Most SMB’s victimized by data breaches close within approximately 6 months
  • Evidence of breaches is often readily available in log data – but many businesses lack the tools and expertise to access or analyze this data

What efforts can you take to ensure your business and data are protected?

Establish a strong network security infrastructure

  • Create strong firewalls
  • Employ Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Secure switches & routers
  • Use high level anti-virus software
  • Manage and monitor network access

Take advantage of cloud-based network security software technology

  • Detect threats to your systems’ security in real-time
  • Instant identification of security issues, threat levels, and recommended solutions
  • Requires no additional hardware

Get 24/7 support from IT security experts

  • IT security experts provide a proactive advantage over passive automated security technologies
  • Human expert analysis is able to detect, analyze and remove threats
  • Human analysis can eliminate false positives
  • Threats are instantly converted to service tickets and addressed by expert staff

Author: Aaron White, Date: 11th November 2015


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