International Coffee DaySomeone once said, “First I drink the coffee.  Then I do the things.”  That’s how a lot of people feel, as for many of us, coffee is one of the best parts of our day.  We look forward to our first cup the minute we open our eyes.  And, on October 1st, coffee lovers everywhere can celebrate International Coffee Day, and add that much more to their office productivity.

eSOZO will be celebrating International and NationalCoffee Day (two great days in one week) right along with all of you coffee lovers – and, those who also appreciate reliable IT management services as well.

With how much enjoyment coffee brings to our day to day lives, it seems only fitting that we devote a day to it.  International Coffee Day was first officially celebrated on October 1st, 2015.

On this day, the International Coffee Organization launched the official holiday with the intent to promote fair trade coffee and to provide support for coffee growers experiencing unfair treatment and hardship.

To celebrate International Coffee Day, businesses offer a variety of different promotions.  Some provide significant discounts on coffee purchases and others free cups of coffee.  Many make use of social media for coupon codes and other specials for their loyal customer base.

Some may ask—what’s all the fuss about?  Why do we need a World Coffee Day? What’s so special about it?

Well, here are some of the main benefits of adding a cup or two of java to your daily routine:

  • It’s rich in antioxidants. Most people think of fruits and vegetables when they think of antioxidants, and it is true that they are rich in them. However, the body is most able to absorb and retain antioxidants consumed through coffee.  This means increased long-term health benefits and cancer fighting agents for regular coffee drinkers.
  • Its aroma is a proven stress reducer. Is there anything that smells better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee? Interestingly enough, that aroma forms a powerful connection with our brain receptors.  The Seoul National University conducted a study which showed that stress from sleep deprivation was alleviated by exposure to the smell of coffee beans.  The delicious aroma of coffee itself stimulates brain proteins through our olfactory system thus reducing feelings of overall stress and providing a sense of rejuvenation.

Also, Science Daily conducted research in 2012 on the effects of coffee on patients with Parkinson’s Disease.  They concluded that the daily consumption of coffee has the potential to improve and maintain regular movement function in people suffering from Parkinson’s.  More than this, regular coffee consumers are less likely to contract the disease.  This shows that coffee is a potent preventer of Parkinson’s as well as a great support in the battle to maintain normal muscle function in those already affected by the disease – a double benefit!

Looking for a powerhouse IT business partner in New Jersey?  eSOZO fits the bill.  Just as coffee can provide an energy jolt to the body, eSOZO can inject new life and productivity into your business IT.  Contact our expert team now at (888) 376-9648 or to learn more!

Further advantages of drinking coffee include:

  • It is a liver protectant. Cirrhosis of the liver is a very real concern, particularly for people who consume alcohol on a regular basis. A 2006 study which observed 125,000 people over a period of 22 years reported that the simple consumption of one cup of coffee per day led to a 20 percent less chance of the development of cirrhosis of the liver.

In addition to this, coffee also prevents the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  To achieve these benefits, it’s necessary to drink larger amounts of coffee.  The average amount recommended by the doctors at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School was four or more cups of coffee or tea per day.

  • It improves mood. Want to be happy? Drink coffee!

The National Institute of Health determined that drinking four or more cups of coffee daily led to a reduction in overall depression.   The antioxidants found in coffee not only reduce the risk of cancer; they also are a natural mood enhancer.

Coffee is considered a mild form of an anti-depressant, and regular consumption of it has shown a 50 percent decrease in suicidal thoughts and action in both men and women.  This is due to its support in the development of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline—the body’s powerful depression fighters.

  • It improves athletic performance. Caffeine is a strong supporter of athletic performance. Studies show that it increases the production of fatty acids. This, in turn, provides additional fuel for muscles thereby leaving carbohydrate stores as future energy resources.  The end result is improved stamina and endurance.

This translates over to work performance as well.  Need more stamina to get through your busy workday?  Down a cup of coffee or two to power through your hectic afternoon schedule.

  • It improves brain function. Moderate coffee consumption has been proven to protect against the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It may not entirely prevent it, but it will delay its onset, for certain.

Moreover, the consumption of coffee when you are sleep-deprived does much more for you than just keep you awake.  It also improves your mental acuity.  CNN has reported that drinking coffee encourages the brain to work more efficiently.

This leads to improvements in everything from critical reaction times to logical reasoning and overall intelligence.  Coffee makes you smarter!

Could your business use a performance-friendly shot in the arm from a leading IT managed services provider?

We’ll bet it can!

eSOZO can provide a java-like surge to your business IT that will keep your business functioning at the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.

Celebrate International Coffee Day, and call on NJ IT support specialists eSOZO at (888) 376-9648 or to learn more about how we can “smarten-up” and help raise the performance levels of your computer network systems like a strong cup of joe.

Author: Aaron White, Date: 28th September 2017


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