So, you’ve tried everything – changing your firewall, updating your antivirus, and ramping-up your in-house IT workload. You’ve even hired an IT services firm to manage some aspects of your network. But, changing IT companies in New Jersey to one that can handle all aspects of IT management may be just what’s called for in this season (and age) of cybercriminals and monsters of all types who are working overtime to infiltrate and exploit deficiencies in your IT infrastructure.

Now, stay with us here for a minute. We’re not necessarily exploiting the Halloween season in proposing the idea that taking your IT services up a level will flush out the IT spooks from your cyber-castle…

Okay, maybe we are, a bit.

We couldn’t help it. It’s the PERFECT time to renew your vows to implement better IT security, management, maintenance, and monitoring with an IT company in New Jersey that knows how to exorcise the ghouls from any IT mansion.

“How do you do it, then?” you ask?

Simple. We hold ourselves to higher service standards than the average IT company in NJ, and we will never provide a service that we ourselves would find unacceptable or unnecessary.

Can Other New Jersey IT Companies Do All This?

We eliminate short-term computer network fixes for those that address chronic, systemic IT problems – which rids you of wasteful, repetitive call-outs and troubleshooting.

Our small business IT support is geared towards growing companies who need all the advantages they can get when it comes to their technology management, and IT consulting services that won’t be time or money-wasting zombies.

To us, those things are of paramount importance, and further reason why our values must be aligned with our clients’.

We’re solution-driven IT service providers in New Jersey that deliver one-on-one, client-specific strategies to the table, and which fit each unique customer’s requirements, including:

  • Remediation of all network and cyber security
  • Cloud-hosted data backup and disaster recovery services, and business continuity planning.
  • Help to migrate to the cloud, or with more resilient cloud services (e.g. Security as a Service).
  • Microsoft support on multiple MS platforms (Exchange, Skype for Business, Office 365, etc.)
  • Full computer service that can deliver quick computer fixes (virus removal, hard drive recovery, etc.) and much more.

We provide personalized IT tech support designed to handle all computers and devices on your network, resulting from the kind of optimized IT companies in New Jersey like yours can rely on upon through an adversity.

Do you have an NJ IT support company that can deliver quick and long-term fixes (both proactive and reactive)?

You can rely on the “Van Helsing” to computer network Draculas, eSOZO!

Need a leader among IT companies in New Jersey who has all the right stuff? Call us now at (888) 376-9648 or email us at for more information on how to get started right away with IT consultants who know how to clear the cobwebs from your technology management and drive out the goblins of poor network performance!

If you’re tired of dealing with IT companies in New Jersey that sell you one thing and deliver another, let eSOZO show you all the direct and indirect benefits of having more focused, client-centered IT management pros working for you.

That’s why we’re winning over more and happier customers all the time.

Can a Managed Service Provider Really Put a Stake Through the Heart of Cyber-Beasts?

Short answer? Yes!

You stand a much better chance clearing your IT mansion of ghosts and ghouls with a managed service provider (MSP) and its ability to supplement the in-house IT staff of small to mid-sized businesses with both traditional offerings and scalable vendor management services that’ll make the bats fly from your belfry!

We’ve taken the traditional definition of what an MSP is and have expanded upon it, offering much more as a NJ IT service provider than the “textbook definition”.

Our clients from multiple industries and market sectors have helped us to expand our own horizons in the IT world. We’ve pushed the envelope of what an IT support service provider can and should do in the 21st Century – and this Halloween we vow: No more cyber-spooks, period!

Does Your New Jersey IT Company Truly Have All the Right Tools Available?

The cyber-vampires know full well that if you don’t have quality IT consultants (and for many companies, managed IT services) in your corner, you’re risking everything from a compliance violation to catastrophic data center downtime to an unrecoverable cyber breach!

And, by then it’s generally too late to call upon an IT service provider in New Jersey like us for help staying secure, compliant, and cyberattack-free.

From server and desktop virtualization that saves you money and streamlines your IT productivity to being a closely-collaborating vCIO to being your disaster recovery specialists who can have you weathering any type of adversity – eSOZO has staked our reputation on being able to do more for our customers in New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Sure, we can recover a hard drive or mitigate the effects of a malware virus, but it’s much, much simpler and easier to give us a call ahead of disaster and just “get it done” via predictable, fixed monthly fee.

We have the perfect tricks and treats to make you our next satisfied customer!

Scare the Ghouls Away This Halloween with the Kind of IT Support Companies in NJ Trust

In your quest to keep the IT-adversity spooks and goblins away – we have the silver bullet to take them down. In fact, you should download our free guide to Surviving a Data Network Disaster while you’re considering us.

eSOZO is a leader among IT companies in New Jersey working for smaller business enterprises who want to optimize their computer-networking productivity, so call us at (888) 376-9648 or email us at to get started eliminating the cyber-monsters from your IT castle!

Author: Aaron White, Date: 23rd October 2017


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