One of the challenges small and medium sized businesses face is having a large enough IT team to meet the demands of their business, while minimizing IT costs.

A company’s internal IT staff are probably great at what they do.
But are those resources enough to handle all of the business’s needs?

eSOZO has solved this challenge by creating “Integrated Helpdesk.” Integrated Helpdesk is a solution that helps you run your department more efficiently and with more uptime. It simply links your IT Service Desk to ours. Your internal IT department retains full control, and is able to significantly expand its resources and support by leveraging eSOZO’s expert IT resources.

How the Integrated Helpdesk Works

A unique and industry-leading combination of software and services allows eSOZO to deliver an unparalleled end-to-end Managed IT Services solution.

With our Integrated Help Desk solution, your team will have direct and integrated access with the eSOZO Service Desk. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and Cloud Security Alerting are automatically integrated with the system and accessible by our technicians. This means our service delivery team is an extension of your office. Our technicians are your technicians. They are here to help you meet the uncertain and ever-changing demands of IT.


eSOZO Integrated Help Desk IT Support Service: How it Works

How an Integrated Helpdesk Helps Your IT Department

An Integrated Helpdesk is the perfect solution for IT Departments that are fully functional, but need additional support while retaining control of the department.

Benefits of an Integrated Helpdesk for your company and IT department include:

  • Retain complete control over your IT service issues; you decide when tickets get escalated to the eSOZO service desk.
  • Immediate Access to additional IT services when and where you need them. Automatically route internal tickets or manually escalate to eSOZO.
  • Happy employees, with the ability to track the progress and status of their  IT requests quickly and easily. There’s less downtime and more time for you to get things done.
  • Improve your productivity by using a tool that helps you manage and prioritize end-user requests.
  • Work with your IT peers. We understand technology and the nature of responsibilities and the expectations that go with them. Working together, we will provide the additional support and expertise that will complement your IT department.
  • Time Sheets. Monitor and create accountability.
  • Projects. Insight to strategic company initiatives.
  • Dispatch portal. At a glance to resource utilization.
  • Configurations. Visibility to your fixed assets.
  • Reports. Metrics of department and employee performance.
  • Service Board. Gain control of IT issues to improve end user response.

Supported Services and Prioritization

eSOZO’s Help Desk responds to a wide range of end-user requests.

Our Help Desk supports new user and equipment set-ups, as well as other planned desktop projects. Most importantly, we prioritize the resolution of high-priority incidents that impede our client’s ability to work. This approach offers multiple benefits to our clients. First, it ensures that when high-priority issues arise, our frontline technicians are available to serve them immediately. Second, it minimizes the time your employees spend on the phone while our technicians work, so your employees will have an improved experience and can be more productive.  This ensures that you are getting the largest impact from our Integrated Help Desk, and your team sees the greatest benefit. To accomplish this, we divide our services into two primary categories: Real-Time Requests and Desktop Scheduled Requests.

Real-Time Requests include problems such as:

  • High Priority Problems (for example, hardware failures, network and connectivity failures, and email not functioning properly)
  • Administrative Tasks (for example, password resets, file and folder restores, and mobile device email setup and configurations)
  • Application Support (includes common desktop applications and line-of-business and proprietary applications)

Desktop Scheduled Requests include anticipated tasks such as:

  • New computersetups and configurations
  • Complex desktop software installations
  • New user set-ups involving multiple application installations
  • Any request involving 3-5 workstations

Is it time for you to increase the capabilities of your IT support team, without a significant increase to your budget?

Contact or call eSOZO today for a free quote on Integrated Helpdesk Solutions.

Author: Aaron White, Date: 7th April 2016


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