It really does make a significant difference in how quickly your issues are attended to. And, having a local IT company helping you troubleshoot your issues is preferable to one located in Guam or Mumbai or The Philippines. We’ve outlaid below some key reasons why having an IT help desk in New Jersey is far more advantageous for NJ businesses than one not located in your area – along with some other facts about it that make eSOZO the best choice for NJ IT helpdesk support.

So, why is having helpdesk support located in your own community or region so important? And, in how many ways does having access to an IT helpdesk benefit your company?

5 Key Ways an IT Help Desk in New Jersey Speeds Issue Resolution

  1. Work more efficiently. Office workers can submit issues easily and get their tech issues fixed faster, allowing everyone to spend more time being productive, and less time twiddling their thumbs. Likewise, IT professionals waste less time on unnecessary manual processes, freeing up valuable time for other work.
  2. Multitask smarter, even on the go. Helpdesk systems allow IT providers to more easily categorize and prioritize issues, allowing them to better sequence which issues to work on. For example, a tech might want to handle multiple similar issues in a single trip from the server room, making better use of their time.
  3. One place for all IT requests. Our help desk system includes a user portal that provides a single place for users to create tickets, view the status of open issues, and close out tickets once they’re resolved. A portal can also be used to relay important information to users (such as planned downtime), which can reduce unnecessary tickets.
  4. Customize to meet your needs. At a basic level, a help desk ticket includes a title and description of each issue. For more detailed information and better categorization, a company can create custom fields such as department, building location, floor number, or peanut butter preference… then create reports based on that data.
  5. Analyze IT trends, improve overall workflow. Because help desks can help you track metrics, such as average time spent resolving tickets, IT managers can run detailed reports to discover trends. For example, if you find out that a certain tech is very good at a specific task, you might want to give all future related tickets to them for maximum efficiency.

Convinced already, and ready to go? Give eSOZO a call now at (888) 376-9648 or email us at for more information or to get started right away with the kind of IT helpdesk support New Jersey companies like yours will truly benefit from!

Having your IT help desk services in NJ also grants you the added knowledge that a fellow small business in your own community will care more about your IT issues than someone in a call center in The Philippines or India.

How Does Help Desk Software Help Us Help You Better?

Help desk software can help companies resolve tech issues faster and allow IT departments to work more efficiently by helping companies like ours to better organize information, streamline workflows, and eliminate many manual processes.

With help desk software (often a subset of a service desk software), no longer will IT support specialists like us have to laboriously log issues by hand, dig through disorganized emails to get to the bottom of a problem, track the status of issues manually, or let requests slip through the cracks.

A help desk system automates an issue resolution workflow, centralizes information, and keeps everyone in-the-know with email alerts. And instead of having to track down someone from tech support to get help, employees can simply submit a ticket to the helpdesk support team through email or a customizable web-based form. The help desk software will then receive, log, and assign issues to the appropriate help desk technicians automatically, making the process more convenient for all parties involved.

Not only do IT help desk services streamline communication, they also keep detailed records of all submitted issues, making it easier to track updates and report on what work was done (handy for end-of-year reviews). As you can see, there many ways an IT help desk can make your life easier and your business more productive. It’s no wonder why using help desk software is considered one of the IT best practices that can benefit almost every company.

How Else Does Our Help Desk for New Jersey Businesses Truly Help?

A help desk is ostensibly designed to make life easier for IT pros like us – but it also ends up making life easier for our clients, too. With multi-tiered help desk functionality, IT support interactions are simplified, information is better organized, and processes are more streamlined.

IT companies like ours find (and create) value in using a help desk once a healthy volume of issues is coming in and we need more organization around requests.

The primary barrier for some businesses to implement an IT help desk in New Jersey is software cost, with some options costing thousands of dollars. In the long run, though, help desk software helps companies operate more efficiently, saving them (us) money over time.

And, we hope that being able to provide an IT help desk in New Jersey will have nothing but the best influence on our fellow NJ business owners, who will understand that the (modest) premium put on managed service providers like eSOZO is, in fact, a minor price to pay for their ongoing IT-oriented peace of mind!

Here’s what we ourselves wanted to see in an IT support/help desk system when we set out to create one:

  • A system with tickets and public forums all in one place (plus, the ability to publish documentation on the same system);
  • Rapid-response support capabilities for multiple issues;
  • A system that can handle HTML and code examples being posted by customers and by us as responses;
  • Statistics to enable us to track help desk tickets, response times and so on.

It’s another way that we spare no expense in bringing our valued clients the most attentive, engaged, and streamlined IT services in NJ!

A More Streamlined, Direct IT Help Desk in New Jersey Awaits You

eSOZO is a reputable managed service provider in NJ that’s just the right fit for many business enterprises who want to streamline and optimize their IT networking security and productivity levels.

Contact us at (888) 376-9648 or for more information on how to benefit right away from the type of IT help desk New Jersey companies seek out and trust to help them resolve their tech support issues fast!

Author: Aaron White, Date: 17th October 2017


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