“Technology is fundamental to any modern business. Having the right balance between hardware, software, training and technology management will always maximize a business’s productivity. At Thibaut Design, we’re lucky to have a great technical team that is supported by the strategic experts at eSOZO. The eSOZO team works alongside the Thibaut technical team to ensure that optimizing technology is consistently prioritized.

eSOZO’s strategic support also allowed us to upgrade and manage key components of our system. As a design company, we’re often dealing with a high volume of graphics & large files and we’re reliant on email attachments. eSOZO has engineered a virtualized server environment that suits our day-to-day needs and is setup to be scalable as we grow.

IT Services in New Jersey

Their team is incredibly hands on and works very cohesively together. We use their helpdesk technicians for day-to-day support, but sometimes when we submit a problem to the helpdesk, we’ll get an email back from the company’s founder with a technical solution. The service they provide is defined by support and collaborative effort from all team members.

Above all they deliver a significant amount of value for us. They provide multiple solutions for every request we make and they make sure to adhere to our time, needs and budget.  We rely on eSOZO to implement the right technical solutions that will keep our technology up to date. We do our part to keep eSOZO informed on changes within our industry, and eSOZO is always well prepared to do their part in supporting our technology needs.”

Faris Faris– Thibaut Design

Author: Aaron White, Date: 14th December 2016


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