There are many ways a managed service provider (MSP) can boost your venture’s productivity and profitability. By charging one fixed, monthly, flat-rate fee, the cost is predictable, and, in the bigger picture, much less than a series of one-time service calls from a non-managed service provider. Also, an MSP can normally cover more IT aspects on an ongoing basis than “that IT guy” can. And, MSPs can also augment and complement in-house IT departments by being able to keep watch on certain “tricky” things that in-house IT people may not specialize in, thus filling in the cracks and preventing IT “leaks,” service-wise.

For all these reasons and more, having a managed IT services provider handling the daily monitoring and maintenance of your entire network makes better logistical and financial sense. Think about it: on a per-service call basis, how much is your IT guy costing you monthly, or annually – and with what kind of ROI to show for it? The statistics on MSPs demonstrate that the long-term ROI involved puts money back in your business coffers on multiple fronts. Less monthly cost, and less aggregate per-issue cost combined with getting more IT management coverage means your network productivity and performance rise, along with your bottom line.

The Case for Managed Service Providers

A recent Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Annual Trends in Managed Services Report shows us that over 90% of respondents (business enterprisers) said that their MSP was saving them money. The same poll found that 50% of those respondents claimed a 1 to 24% reduction in their annual costs.

Likewise, an article on relates, “When it comes to IT, Managed Services take preventative measures to ensure your IT is always running at its optimal level, so that you don’t suffer technology breakdowns or distractions that blow your focus – preventing you and your staff from getting any work done. No longer will your business be held down by daily computer disruptions and associated repairs, and instead you and your staff can move forward and focus on growing your business. That is the beauty of Managed Services. More productivity, focus and growth for your entire organization.”

And, a great MSP will also flesh-out their service protocol with things like cloud solutions, virtualization, server monitoring, vCIO services, backup and disaster recovery planning, and security as a service, across the spectrum of at-risk industries, for even further potential cost savings.

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Author: Aaron White, Date: 10th November 2016


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