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Today, get to know Tara Williams!

Managing Partner/CFO
Tara is a mom to two adorable little monsters, and wife to a code monkey husband. She majored in Social Work, but she lives a life engulfed in numbers. All of her non-business running time is dedicated to her family and activities that entertain toddlers.
She changes her hair color pretty consistently, so much so that people have issues identifying her.
Tara has been with eSOZO for 12 years and her favorite part of working at eSOZO is her boss.
What fictional character does she relate to best? 
Lumpy Space Princess
Same song forever, what would she listen to? 
Anything by Queen
Any superpower, what would she pick?
Being in more than one place at the same time.
Her favorite pastime?
Anywhere in the world, where would she travel?
What did you she want to be when she grew up? 
What is her favorite food? 
Crumb Cake
What electronic device can she not live without? 
Her Macbook!

Author: Aaron White, Date: 11th September 2017


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