Why has the migrating of email from on-premises Exchange to Office 365 cloud Exchange (or another on-site platform to Microsoft’s cloud) become a challenge for many companies in New Jersey? It seems a no-brainer that business owners should make it a priority because of the security, utility, and versatility afforded to those companies who migrate to the cloud. To this end, eSOZO is here to help you experience the most seamless Office 365 migration in New Jersey.

For some businesses, the need to plan and execute the transition to the cloud Exchange may interfere (temporarily) with other business issues and can delay their Office 365 Exchange migration. Some may have jumped in and purchased licenses without considering some of the migration fine details (such as mailbox moves and legacy archive issues).

Not to worry, though. With one call to eSOZO, we’ll take care of you!

A Recipe for the Perfect Office 365 Email Migration

Our consultancy on Office 365 migration in New Jersey is designed to be quite persuasive in getting you to make space in your calendar and make the move to the Office 365 cloud Exchange. Microsoft has the Office 365 Deployment Center, and eSOZO has years of know-how in email migration to also support you – which gives you the right mix for a seamless transition.

We’ll guide you on such things as using your Office 365 portal, choosing the Exchange Admin Center for your organization, and exploring the Migration tab (under the Recipients feature). Options include:

  • Remote move migration (supported by Exchange Server 2010 and later versions). This requires a hybrid configuration between your on-premises Exchange and Office 365.
  • Staged migration (supported only by Exchange Server 2003 and 2007).
  • Cutover migration (supported by Exchange Server 2003 and later versions). Use of this option is permitted only if you have fewer than 2,000 mailboxes. If you have more than 2,000 mailboxes, you must use either staged migration (on Exchange 2003 and 2007) or remote migration (on Exchange 2010 and 2013).
  • IMAP migration (supported by both Exchange and other email systems) for those of you looking to migrate from Google and other public clouds.

The hybrid deployment option for New Jersey businesses provides a variety of features to make your New Jersey Office 365 migration an enterprise-class one, including:

  • A shared domain space (such as companyname.com)
  • A unified global address list (GAL)
  • Free/busy calendar sharing
  • Onboarding and offboarding at will between the two platforms (note that bandwidth and throttling affect the speed of these processes)
  • Centralized mailbox management through a single console (the Exchange Admin Center from on-premises Exchange 2013).

Have a Hybrid Configuration? No Problem.

If you’re performing a hybrid configuration with a remote move migration, you’ll find we have the right amount of time and research invested to get everything up and running smoothly for you.

As proclaimed by InfoWorld, it’s worth hiring a third-party professional IT services team (like ours), as they/we will have witnessed the snags that can come with Office 365 migration in New Jersey and will know how to deal with and prevent them – saving you a lot of time and trouble.

We will also guide you further on in the hybrid migration process, which starts with dropping in an Exchange 2013 system into your environment to run the Hybrid Configuration wizard. (You can make a hybrid connection with Exchange 2010 SP3, but Microsoft documents the process with the 2013 server, which has the wizard built in.)

Ready to get started? If you’re ready for Office 365 email migration in New Jersey that affords your business the full range of benefits and features, then contact an Office 365 consultant at (888) 376-9648 or email us at info@esozo.com to get started right away – and be sure to download our free PDF, “Microsoft Office 365 Benefits for Small Businesses”.

Key Components for Email Migration Success

You will learn how the hybrid process has a variety of prerequisites, including Active Directory synchronization through the Azure Active Directory Sync tool. This prerequisite helps keep your on-premises Active Directory and your Office 365 directory in sync.

And, although it’s not a requirement for hybrid deployments, we can set you up a single sign-on so that users can access on-premises and online features with the same username and password.

Being a Microsoft Partner lends us some helpful tools for hybrid migration, including the Deployment Assistant, a great tool for obtaining step-by-step instruction for greenfield deployments, coexistence deployments, and migration-focused deployments.

Another great Microsoft tool is the Remote Connectivity Analyzer, a free online tool that lets you test your connectivity and see where adjustments may need to be made.

But, for those who just want a turnkey solution and aren’t interested in any DIY aspects of this process, we’ll take care of it.

Most importantly, don’t remain in the dark concerning Office 365. If you’ve decided to migrate to Office 365 for Exchange, let us help make it happen.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition to Cloud Exchange

With eSOZO as your New Jersey Office 365 migration experts, we will securely migrate our clients in any industry and their data to Office 365, on-premises Exchange or hosted Exchange platforms without installing or maintaining migration software.

With the ability to simultaneously migrate multiple users from a single console while securely moving email, calendars, and folders, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly filter out unwanted data to reduce migration timelines.
  • Prevent data loss with automated preservation of large attachments.
  • Monitor migration status with progress reports throughout to ensure the security of your data.

Our guidance will let you see for yourself how fast email migrations can be with all the easy-to-use Office 365 migration tools we will put at your fingertips.

Get the Office 365 Help in NJ You Need Now

With eSOZO, you get the right IT services company for the right job. In this case an email migration team that will get the job done fast, right, and in a cost-efficient manner.

Call us at (888) 376-9648 or email us at info@esozo.com to get started. We’re leading the pack of cloud service providers in New Jersey, helping business enterprises who want to optimize their computer-networking productivity with seamless Office 365 migration in New Jersey, so – make the call today!

Author: Aaron White, Date: 3rd October 2017


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