The team of healthcare IT services professionals from eSOZO Computer & Network Services is thrilled to announce eSOZO has received official HIPAA compliance certification. The official HIPAA Seal of Compliance means eSOZO is formally certified to provide unparalleled tech-security services for healthcare organizations across New Jersey – all of which are designed to comply with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA).

It doesn’t matter how or when national healthcare bills are changed or modified – protecting electronic patient information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals will always be a top priority for healthcare providers. A hack or breach can result in multi-million dollar lawsuits and payouts that can easily cripple important healthcare entities. As a result, healthcare organizations invest millions of dollars each year into security measures that are designed specifically to protect patient information.

eSOZO offers New Jersey healthcare organizations the exact solutions they need to stay protected, with the knowledge, training and expertise to support them. To become certified as a HIPAA compliant provider, the eSOZO team worked closely with Compliancy Group to implement The Guard – an all-encompassing tool designed to help technology providers understand and maintain HIPAA compliance for healthcare clients.

To receive the official HIPAA Seal of Compliance, the eSOZO team honed their expertise on topics including:

  • Thorough network security and risk assessments,
  • Strategic business associate management,
  • Prompt incident response, and
  • Reliable breach support

“Anytime we start a working relationship with a healthcare organization, our priority is always solidifying HIPAA compliance,” says eSOZO President, Aaron White. “Thanks to our time working and learning with Compliancy Group, we’re able to provide an enterprise-grade security experience to every organization we work with.”

“Healthcare professionals have an enormous responsibility as it is,” continues White. “Worrying about tech-security and HIPAA compliance shouldn’t eat up their working hours or hinder patient care. With the HIPAA Seal of Compliance, we’re able to immediately reassure professionals that we take security seriously and have the resources to lock down networks and maintain compliance.”

Want to know how eSOZO’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance can help your healthcare organization stay protected and productive? Reach out to their team of experts right away at (888) 376-9648 or via email at

Author: Aaron White, Date: 24th July 2017


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