An IT manager’s work can be difficult at times. This is mostly because of the ever-dynamic nature of technology. There is always something new and better being developed every day. It is the work of the IT manager to know the best technology to use, one that functions on a 24-hour basis and also one that’s easy to manage by the employees. He must ensure that his employer stays current on the specific technology that delivers the desired results.

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Change is a good thing, but not when it concerns IT managers. They are usually cautious of introducing changes that might cause chaos. So then how will they be able to overcome their fears and embrace change that will improve their employees’ working environment? Here are some useful steps to help IT managers improve their workplace, maintain modern standards, and give all employees a better work experience.

Introduce a Digital Task Force

This can be done through the labor model which gives employees the flexibility and freedom to work from just about anywhere. This, of course, depends on the specific tasks and what projects employees must get done each day. The only problem is that different employees have different preferences. Some prefer more advanced technologies because that is what they are accustomed to in their personal lives. Others would like to work with old-fashioned systems. This only makes it harder for IT supervisors to find solutions that work for everyone.

Using one software package in the workplace is no longer effective. The IT department should work alongside departmental heads in order to manage ever-changing demands in the digital workplace. They should work through and adopt technology that will boost employee productivity. Technology must be user friendly as well.

Combat Resistance

This is an obvious challenge because it is not easy to introduce something new and then get 100% acceptance. Some employees will still try to resist the changes, not because it isn’t beneficial, but because of the fear that they might not be able to master the new technology. The best way to deal with resistance is to get the employees involved right from the start, way before the organization makes an investment in the new technology.

Communication is also an essential part of the whole process. Discuss the advantages of the new technology and the positive impact it will have on them and how it will improve their work place in terms of productivity. Ask for feedback. Look to department supervisors to provide reports when they encounter any problem.


Keeping a system secure is not an easy task, especially with the increased reports of data breaches. Limiting the access points to sensitive data is one way of ensuring that your system is protected. The employees should be made to understand the need to balance between easy access and the data breach threats. They should also be taken through an awareness training touching on accidental exposure, insider theft, phishing emails, and attacks like ransomware and malware. These coupled with other training will ensure that there is better service delivery and that necessary security measures are in place.

Systematically Deal with the Tech Stack

Tech stack is the overwhelming number of applications or software that are no longer useful but still remain installed in a computer system. There are always new upgrades made, but rarely does anyone follow-up and get rid of the software that is outdated. These software programs could be used as the backdoor entrance for cyber thieves. IT managers should always ensure that these “doors” are closed and locked.

There should be constant communications between the chief technology officers and the department’s chief information officers with a view to streamline the sharing of data and information on cloud-based platforms. The Cloud ensures that users are able to access documents, make edits to them and any changes are automatically updated ensuring accuracy across the board.

Show Your Importance

Today, software updates are easy to do since more technology is moving to cloud. Even with that, the IT manager still needs to ensure that new software is beneficial to the users and that it is a worthwhile investment. A lot of research should be conducted to ensure that the new technology is yielding the desired results.

Wrap Up

When it comes to the introduction of new technology in the workplace, IT managers should treat this like a team effort long before it is introduced. Throughout the necessary training for employees, to the follow-up process once the technology is in place, everyone needs to be included. A savvy IT leader will take strategic moves to make changing over to newer systems a positive process for everyone.

Author: Aaron White, Date: 31st July 2018


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