It’s reliable, fast, cost effective, and more than just backup. Veeam®

The Veeam Data Center Availability Report shows the financial impact of failing to meet business demands. “Currently, organizations suffer application downtime 13 times a year, with the total cost of downtime and data loss reaching up to $10,163,114. In addition, organizations experience backup recovery failure twice a year. Because of this, organizations will lose at least $2 million a year through data loss and factors such as lost productivity and missed opportunities.”

The Most Reliable Business Backup Systems.

You need a backup system.  But if your backups can’t be trusted, they are useless. The most important thing to focus on is reliability. Not only do you need to know that your information, or data, is being backed up as scheduled, you also need to know that the data can be recovered.

eSOZO has been servicing small businesses for over a decade. We have spent countless hours with both legacy and modern backup applications. No other application has ever proven to be more reliable than our experience with Veeam.

Veeam’s “agentless” backup technology means your data backs up directly from your virtual server with no middleman software involved.  Veeam runs its backups directly from the virtual host ensuring little to nothing gets in the way of completing your backup jobs.  Don’t worry about the state of your backups with Veeam’s automated recovery verification called SureBackup®.

Fastest Data Storage and Recovery.

As you build your business, you create and store more and more data electronically.  Finding the time to backup this data is just as important as the time it takes to restore the data when it’s needed.  Veeam solves both of these problems.

Veeam relies on compression and deduplication.   What this means is that your data is saved fast – backup times are nearly 10X faster than the competition.

When files or applications need to be recovered, Veeam has instant file level and application level recovery.  In a situation where your entire virtual server needs to be recovered, Veeam provides Instant VM Recovery™. Traditional backup solutions require that the entire server be restored before it can be accessed. With Veeam’s technology, your entire server, regardless of its size, can be up and running instantly while the server is being permanently restored.

Cost Effective…and more than just a backup solution!

Backup solutions can be expensive. You will find that most products are priced based on each server your company intends to backup. This means as you grow your business, which in turn creates more servers, your backup costs will continue to grow as well. Veeam allows your company to establish a fixed cost.   They license their software based on the virtual host’s number of CPU sockets. (Don’t worry – we know what that means, and we will help you every step of the way.) With no extra or hidden fees associated with your backups, your IT budget stretches even farther.

Trust eSOZO with your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Solutions. By leveraging Veeam, you can achieve recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data. The key to BCDR is implementing prevention and restoration measures that are cost effective. After all, BCDR planning is all about preserving the financial health of your company in case the worst happens. There are many parts including Local Data Backup, Off-Site Data Replication, Cloud Backup and Recovery, and Redundant Virtual Servers.

eSOZO has experience with the complete range of Veeam’s BCDR technology and will help you decide on solutions that work best for your business and your budget. Contact us today.
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Author: Aaron White, Date: 2nd May 2016


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