We’ve learned a lot about this versatile cloud backup solution. And what we’ve learned in our time as Veeam partners in New Jersey, we’ve passed on to the many small businesses and larger organizations we serve that have made use of both the wide variety of Veeam backup and replication products and our guidance as their cloud consultants.

What kind of data-protection surety can your Veeam cloud backup solutions afford my small business?

We get this question a lot from small business owners who are unsure about Veeam cloud backup solutions and what it can do for them. We tell them if you’re looking for an affordable, worry-free solution that you can trust to deliver the availability, automation and reliability you need to ensure that your business data is continuously and securely stored and protected, then you’ve come to the right place!

Can you get me the most competitive Veeam pricing in NJ?

Absolutely! You’ll always get the best prices from eSOZO on Veeam backup cloud products, whether for Veeam Cloud Connect, Veeam 9, Veeam Hyper V, VMWare Veeam, or other backup solution offered by this innovative technology partner of ours.

Does Veeam offer both offsite and physical server backup options?

You bet it does! As a certified Veeam cloud provider, we can set you up with both Veeam offsite backup and physical server backup, all coupled with virtualization capabilities that offer business owners the best choice for data backup and restoration to come along so far. We also do 24/7 monitoring of all your Veeam replication, to make sure all its performance levels check out.

Is your Veeam backup service and support affordable?

We like to think that it goes way beyond being “affordable” or not. The difference between having secure data replication and backup and not having it can mean, in extreme (but not uncommon) cases, steep compliance violation fines, expensive data loss and downtime, and even the forfeiture of your business venture. Don’t let it happen to you – stay in the game and thrive with eSOZO as your Veeam partner!

Sounds good. When can we get started with your Veeam backup solutions?

Right now! Just call us at (888) 376-9648 or email us at info@esozo.com with any questions, or for a no-hassle consultation to see what Veeam cloud backup solutions we’ve learned work best for companies like yours. Trust your local Veeam partner in New Jersey – your business data’s in good hands!

Author: Aaron White, Date: 12th May 2017


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