As a storytelling app, Sway has already seen its popularity rise with music companies, small businesses, design firms and more – all in the ten short months since its original release. In an effort to continue to improve its offerings and to make Sway more valuable to small businesses and tech-savvy enterprises in particular, Sway has recently unveiled a number of new features that decision makers within your organization are definitely going to want to know about.

Office 365 Sway

Passwords for Additional Security

In the original release of Sway, all Office 365 education and business customers could limit access to particular stories (appropriately called Sways) at the organizational level. If you created a Sway, you could make sure that only people in your specific business could see it. Now, each Sway can have its own unique password to limit that access even further.

This is important because even small businesses can have multiple people spread out across different departments, not all of which may necessarily need access to any one particular Sway. Now only people with the appropriate password created at the user level can view things like presentations, travel journals and more.

New Content Limits

Though Sway has always been a far-reaching application, the actual level of options that one had with their content was in reality quite limiting. According to Microsoft, Office 365 users in particular regularly create longer Sways with more robust content like videos, embedded content like tweets and more. In an effort to make the software more appealing to these customers, the company has increased its general content limits in an effort to let users create a richer, more well-rounded experience when using the tool.

Say Goodbye to that Footer

Another positive change to Sway will be valuable to businesses in particular thanks to the superior level of branding that it allows them to achieve. Previously, all Sways had a Sway “footer” located at the tail end that let everyone who viewed it know how it was created and where. With the rollout of these new capabilities, it is now possible for users to disable this branding to achieve a much richer, more polished look for their creations.

In order to disable the Sway branding, users need only to tap the “Share” icon and locate the “Show Sway branding in this Sway” box. Unchecking the box will remove the branding, allowing access to all of the same features but without anything that gets in the way of the image that you’re trying to convey with your company.

The Sway team has regularly indicated that these are just a few of the big changes that are on the horizon for everyone’s favorite storytelling service. More new features are expected in the not-too-distant future, many of which will target small business users in particular to help them better create the type of rich, robust content that they desire. One thing is for sure – as Sway continues to evolve beyond its initial release, it will certainly become a valuable asset in the realm of small businesses in particular as organizations rush to tell their story in a meaningful way to the widest possible audience using the power of the Internet.

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Author: Aaron White, Date: 4th August 2016


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