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eSOZO now offers a data recovery system that you can purchase for an affordable monthly fee. It provides you the security and fast data recovery you need without paying for the markup most IT companies charge. This could be as high as 65% in some cases. Keep your money and keep reading as we’ll tell you more.

Why Not Keep The 65% Markup For Yourself?

With eSOZO’s Data Center Colocation Solution you’ll own your data recovery system instead of being billed and tied to an IT provider. You can purchase the Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) equipment that works for you, not your IT company.

eSOZO’s Data Center Colocation Solution:

  • Increases the flexibility of your IT infrastructure,
  • The availability of your data,and
  • The security of your network while saving you money.

Our team will help you choose the best solutions for your needs. We can also store your equipment for you. If you would like to include a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), we can add this too.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning Your Own Data Center Colocation Solution?

  • For an affordable fixed, monthly fee you’ll have your own Solution that provides the robust recovery you need in case your onsite IT equipment fails, or your data is stolen or lost.
  • A small business can benefit from the features of a large IT department without any capital investment.
  • Larger businesses can expand their IT infrastructure without costly facility expansions.
  • If you need to add data to your storage solution, there’s no charge – no worries about paying for backing up more data. We factor in your growth potential up front.
  • Expand your infrastructure to meet the needs of your company’s growth. And you can do this without upfront capital expenditures. Your IT infrastructure can quickly expand as your business grows.
  • You’ll have better connectivity, and your critical applications will always run uninterrupted.
  • What if your if your IT company goes out of business and they are storing your data in their disaster recovery system? How do you get it back? With your own Data Center Colocation Solution, you won’t have to worry about losing your data or transferring it to a new disaster recovery system. It stays with you.
  • Our team provides transparency throughout the transition, from suggestions to proposals and execution.

Why not save the 65% markup, and purchase the NAS * and SAN** equipment that works for your environment, not your IT company?

*(NAS) Network Access Server

A NAS is a server that connects you to the Internet or a broader external network. It’s your gateway and single point of access to IT resources and gives you the ability to access a suite of IT services. Think of it as your media gateway that provides access to all of your authorized devices.

** (SAN) A Storage Area Network

A SAN is a secure high-speed data transfer network that provides access to storage. It makes network of storage devices accessible to multiple servers and eliminates IT bottlenecks.

The advantages of using a SAN include:

  • Your server is no longer linked to single storage devices. You can access large and consolidated storage pools for your software applications.
  • It provides high-speed data recovery and transmission without server interruption.
  • A centralized backup solution with advanced features.
  • It provides Failover Protection and continuous network operation, even if one of your servers fails or must be taken offline for maintenance.

Want To Take Back The Control Of Your Backup Solution & Save Money?

With eSOZO’s Data Center Colocation Solution you won’t have to pay a “middleman” to house your data securely in the Cloud. This is an enterprise cloud-based solution that you control and keep so you’re not dependent on an IT company to store your data.

A 65% margin is too much to sacrifice for storing your data. Some businesses are paying upwards of $1,800 a month for this!

Now you have an option for a less expensive solution that provides you the control you need for the long term. Your storage solution will be driven by your needs, not that of your IT company.

Want A Worry-Free Backup and Recovery Solution That You Own?

You won’t need to worry whether or not your backup or restore will perform – it will! You’ll have a fully redundant network that ensures all of your critical applications will run without interruption.

Plus, everything you need will be housed in your eSOZO Data Center Colocation Solution. Storage and services like:

  • Physical servers
  • Virtual servers
  • Workstations and laptop contents
  • Applications like Google Apps, Office 365,, etc.

It’s Like Having Your Own Private Cloud!

And best of all, you’ll still have access to eSOZO’s expertise to help you manage technology challenges such as security, reliability, and other IT issues that may impact your productivity.

Want To Learn More?

Contact the team at eSOZO and learn how you can reap all the benefits from a Data Colocation Solution while saving money.

Author: Aaron White, Date: 5th September 2018


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