How Amazon Web Services is Changing the Game for New Jersey Companies

Answering questions to understand the key benefits of Amazon Web Services for New Jersey businesses

Virtualization is driving innovation in the business space and professionals are trying to adapt their IT infrastructures. A huge part of this transition involves migrating business networks to the Cloud.

In fact, the New Jersey business scene is seeing countless professionals across all industries make the decision to migrate their tech operations to the Cloud. This virtualization offers huge benefits in terms of cost-efficiency, security, and productivity.

However, once migrated to the Cloud, professionals are realizing they need a structured approach to Cloud management that optimizes resource use and delivery. As such, they look to solutions like Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. However, as the Cloud pioneer, Amazon Web Services is quickly becoming the top choice for Cloud management services in New Jersey. Let’s explore why.

  1. How does Amazon Web Services improve your bottom line?

Simply put, Amazon Web Services is a Cloud management toolkit that helps organizations save money. AWS only charges you for the resources and services that are used, which results in big-time cost-efficiency for small businesses. Not to mention the time saved by avoiding system administration headaches. Your team is able to focus on business tasks and working hours aren’t lost to tedious tech management.

Finally, AWS offers tools for desktop virtualization and seamless document sharing, meaning a business is able to drive their core operations right from their Cloud platform. This means quick and easy access – anywhere, anytime – meaning business opportunities are never lost and companies are able to thrive and grow seamlessly.

  1. How does Amazon Web Services improve business operations?

Amazon Web Services has a variety of tools and services that are designed specifically to streamline operations and optimize productivity for businesses in all industries. First of all, AWS offers highly efficient app hosting, making it easy to deploy, manage, scale and monitor your IT infrastructure. This allows you and your team to consistently use your applications efficiently and without issue.

AWS also offers flexible and cost-effective data storage. It’s no surprise that even small businesses produce, store and share a lot of data. It’s also not surprising that on-site storage and data management can be a hassle. AWS offers storage solutions that allow companies to take advantage of limitless and automatic scalability. You only pay for what you use and your infrastructure can adapt seamlessly as your organization evolves.

AWS is also an e-commerce powerhouse. For organizations who rely on a strategic eCommerce solution, AWS offers countless solutions to optimize online sales and online retail management. It’s not just about site-hosting either. AWS offers dynamic tools for order processing to ensure smooth and effective transactions – even with limited or no human interaction. This streamlines your company’s e-commerce effort, making it easier than ever for you and your team to stay focused on tracking down new business opportunities instead of trying to constantly manage online sales.

Finally, AWS is a lifesaver when it comes to remote and on-the-go business. The AWS management console has well-developed mobile-app versions for both iOS and Android. Additionally, AWS is set up to allow for the creation and optimization of solutions that streamline communication and data sharing between mobile devices. This means that professionals have anytime/anywhere access to the services they need.

  1. How does Amazon Web Services improve IT security?

Another massive benefit provided by AWS is the dynamic, comprehensive and built-in security tools that keep your company network secure. The Cloud often leaves many professionals worried – wondering if their data is safely stored on the world-wide-web. However, AWS has developed a robust security platform that is designed specifically to meet the security requirements of any business organization. AWS data centers are consistently monitored and maintained, meaning you can rest assured that your data and infrastructure will remain functional and secure.

A No Brainer: Why Amazon Web Services is the Common-Sense Choice for SMBs Working in the Cloud

The moral of the story is, AWS provides immense flexibility, scalability, and security for small business professionals while still nurturing their bottom line. AWS tools and services work in conjunction with one another to ensure your network is optimized to meet your changing business needs.

Even better? The AWS service approach is defined by long-tenured experience and customizable options. AWS was the first Cloud provide on the scene back in 2008 and they have worked consistently to maintain and optimize the service experience they provide to customers. They even have a massive selection of industry-specific service offerings meaning your organization doesn’t have to settle for anything less than the perfect fit.

So, if you’re considering Cloud migration or you’re wondering which Cloud provider to partner with, consult an expert about setting up Amazon Web Services. A strategic and professional IT partner will help ensure your AWS platform is implemented in a way that addresses the specific needs of your organization. Even better? A professional will ensure your transition to AWS is seamless and doesn’t negatively impact your business operations at all.

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Author: Aaron White, Date: 21st July 2018

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